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Mission & Vision

Acazenics' mission is to provide educational and social/emotional counseling services that enable all clients to become confident, mindful, independent life-long learners.

Acazenics offers individualized and small group counseling for struggling learners, providing a growth-promoting environment and opportunities to implement positive behaviors.


While many consulting programs specialize in specific content areas, we nurture the whole child by teaching how to manage stress, filter distractions, prioritize tasks, set and achieve goals, and enhance cognitive abilities.

How We Do It
  • Model skills

  • Support learner’s efforts

  • Expose learner to activities specific to the skill in practice

  • Guide learner from complete dependence to gradual independence

  • Provide a consistent, trusting, and reliable presence for the learner

​Lifelong Benefits of Developing Executive Functioning &
Self-Regulation Skills


Academic Achievement: working memory, following multi-step directions, avoiding distractions, controlling inappropriate responses, adapting to change, persisting at problem-solving, and managing assignments and due-dates

Positive Behavior: teamwork, leadership skills, decision-making, goal-setting, stress management, critical thinking, flexibility, and self-awareness

Join From Anywhere!

Secure, live sessions will be held on Google Meet and Zoom, free and available for all! Join by clicking the link in your confirmation email!

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